ResponsabilitÈ d'Entreprise

Canadian Companies are a major source of international investment in developing countries. Great Quest prides itself in working with local communities and businesses where its exploration and investment activities are conducted both in Canada and abroad. To that end the Company intends to participate in initiatives for Corporate Social Responsibility for the mining industry and to assist in the understanding of international principles and guidelines for CSR. As a long term exploration Company in Mali, Great Quest employs local workers and companies whenever possible.

The Company employs Malian workers and has contracted with the PDRM (Programme Pour le Developpement des Ressources Minerales), a Government agency under the Malian Ministry of Mines, for much of its drilling. The Company operates its locally staffed exploration office in Bamako, the capital of Mali. Within communities in proximity to its exploration projects Great Quest extends its good will to the community by donating school supplies. It is our view that good Corporate Social Responsibility practices are integral to successful mineral exploration investment and development.